Providing website content

Guidance for delivery partner organisations on how to provide content for the Music Hub Website

It's our aim to publicise as much activity as possible from the delivery partner organisations to gain the most public awareness we can and to build a definitive record of what has been happening in Derbyshire.

Information should be sent to the website content manager by email (text or attachment). Please use the links in the sections below.

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Concerts and events

Each concert/event (whether one off or part of a series) needs the needs the following information (note − not open days):

  • Concert name
    Date(s) − including days
    Start time − include an end time if it's important to know
    Venue name and address − please include the postcode
    Details of any other organisations involved
    Ticket prices and booking information
  • Description − Ideally one paragraph to summarise a concert. If there's a series of concerts (e.g. summer concerts) then one umbrella description will be fine for all the events in the series. This will be worked into the event description template.  Please include repertoire if necessary.
  • Groups performing in the concert and names of those directing 
  • Any images to be used on the website (note − these may not be used depending on image quality and sizes)
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Ensembles / activities / groups

If your organisation hosts regular ensembles / activities / groups, please provide the following for each:

  • Ensemble/activity/group name
    Day and time it usually runs
    Venue address − please include the postcode
    Description of what happens in this group (up to one paragraph)
    Instruments involved
    Musical standard − include approximate grades
  • If any details change (e.g. times) then please also let the website content manager know
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News stories

If there's a good news story, please do share the details with us. It is better to share the basic information first, then the website content manager will get back in touch with what more will be required.

If you also have a Facebook post you want sharing, then please let us know.

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Open days / experience events

For an open day / experience event, please provide the following details:

  • Title (if not [organisation] open day)
    Date(s) − including days
    Start and finish times
    Blurb containing information which will be worked into the open day template wording
    Schedule (if you have one)
  • Any images to be used on the website (note − these may not be used depending on image quality and sizes)
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Job vacancies / working opportunities

If your organisation has a job vacancy or working opportunity to be advertised, please provide details to the website content manager. If any more are needed, they will be in touch.

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