Derbyshire Music Education Hub (DMEH)

Logos and style considerations for the Derbyshire Music Education Hub (DMEH)
Derbyshire Music Education Hub

There are several different types of DMEH logo, optimised for different settings and uses. You can download the collection using the link at the bottom of this page. The logo is formatted in three style:

  • Blue: Standard colour logo for the DMEH - These are JPEG files.
  • Black: Specially optimised for Black and White use - These are JPEG files.
  • White: Specially optimised with a transparent background for use on coloured background - These are PNG files.

When using a logo, please be aware of the following style considerations.


The DMEH logo comes in five sizes, split into two types. Standard logos should be used in the majority of cases, with Display logos only being used when the logo is a feature by itself. If in doubt, use the standard logo.

  • Standard Small: For use in paper work where the logo is used in headings, and for flyers. This can also be used for footers.
  • Standard Medium: For use in A4 and A3 posters where the logo is prominent.
  • Standard Large: For anything larger.
  • Display Medium: A specially adapted logo for use when the DMEH logo is being used as a display item, with little other content on the document.
  • Display Large: A larger version of the display logo.

Please do not resize a logo larger than the original file - use a larger version to preserve quality. If you need a larger version than what is provided, please contact us.

When resizing, do so from the corners of the logo whilst using the SHIFT key. This preserves the aspect ratio, keeping the logo in proportion.

DMEH Style - sizing

Exclusion zones

There is an exclusion zone the size of lower case letters around the boundary of the text, and the western border of the county. This area is included in the downloadable files but should remain clear of text or images so the logo can be seen properly. Do not crop this exclusion zone, or overlay text within its' boundary.

DMEH Style - exclusion

Coloured backgrounds

If you wish to use the logo on a coloured background, please use the white PNG versions of the logo. The logo in these files is white, and has a transparent background. Your software has to be compatible with PNG images.

DMEH Style - colour

Accompanying fonts

The logo is designed to work with simple sans-serif fonts. As the availability of fonts may vary, fonts similar to Arial or Helvetica (which are almost universally available) are suggested for use with this logo. Fonts with serifs (such as Times New Roman), or stylised fonts (such as Comic Sans) should not be used.

DMEH Style - fonts


Clicking a download link below will open a new page where you can see, and download the selected logo. Right click on the image and choose the option to save the file to your computer (for future use), or copy to your computers clipboard to paste into documents. You can download the full collection with the link at the bottom of the page.

DMEH Standard Blue Small (JPEG)
DMEH Standard Blue Medium (JPEG)
DMEH Standard Blue Large (JPEG)
DMEH Display Blue Medium (JPEG)
DMEH Display Blue Large (JPEG)

DMEH Standard Black Small (JPEG)
DMEH Standard Black Medium (JPEG)
DMEH Standard Black Large (JPEG)
DMEH Display Black Medium (JPEG)
DMEH Display Black Large (JPEG)

The following white logos will appear top left on your screen in a new page. Because they are white, with a transparent background, you may not be able to distinguish them from the white page background. Right clicking in the top left area of the page will give you the option to save the image, even if you can't see it.

DMEH Standard White Small (PNG)
DMEH Standard White Medium (PNG)
DMEH Standard White Large (PNG)
DMEH Display White Medium (PNG)
DMEH Display White Large (PNG)

Full collection:

The following compressed file is in Zip format. Most computers can open these files as standard, if not you can use free online tools such as B1 Online Archiver (opens in a new window).