Wind audition requirements for CCYO

Requirements for wind players auditioning for the City & County Youth Orchestra (CCYO).

During an audition you will be expected to meet the following requirements:

Audition Piece

Perform two pieces/studies (or sections of) which present a coherent mixture of periods, style, mood and tempo. The pieces/studies should demonstrate a mastery of the complete range of your instrument, clear and accurate articulation, a variety of dynamics and a high standard of musicianship.

The pieces/studies should be of at least Grade 7 standard and the maximum total playing time should not exceed 6 minutes. Please bring a photocopy of your music or the piano accompaniment for the use of the audition staff. This will be returned to you at the end of the audition.

Please note that pieces will be performed without piano accompaniment.

Scales & Arpeggios

Play some scales and arpeggios< (slurred, legato-tongued and staccato) which will be selected from the list below.

Flute | Ab major, B major and C# minor scales and arpeggios - 2 octaves | Chromatic scale on Bb - 2 octaves

Oboe | Ab major scale and arpeggio - 12th | B major and C minor scale and arpeggio - 2 octaves | Chromatic on E - 2 octaves

Clarinet | A major, Db major - 2 octaves | F minor scale and arpeggio - 3 octaves | Chromatic on E - 3 octaves

Bassoon | A major, Db major - 2 octaves | C minor scale and arpeggio - 3 octaves | Chromatic on Bb - 3 octaves

Guide tempos for all instruments | Scales: crotchet = 116 | Arpeggios: dotted crotchet = 46

Sight reading

Play a prepared sight reading test of one or two short, appropriate orchestral extract(s).