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30-week instrumental programmes of whole class instrumental teaching to KS2 pupils (aimed at Year 4 classes). Supporting schools to deliver Core Role 1 of the National Plan for Music Education.

Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership offers 30-week programmes of whole-class ensemble teaching to KS2 pupils (aimed primarily at year 4), delivered by specially trained teachers − designed to meet the requirement of the National Plan for Music Education Core Role 1 and provide a stimulating and creative musical experience for children.

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Ensure that every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice) through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes for ideally a year … of weekly tuition on the same instrument.
Core Role 1 -National Plan for Music Education (NPME): The Importance of Music (November 2011)

Instrumental programmes

We offer programmes of Wider Opportunities in four instrumental categories:

  • Woodwind − Fife, Flute, Oboe and Clarinet
    Brass − Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Baritone and Euphonium
    Strings − Violin, Viola and Cello; Ukulele
    World Percussion − Djembe (African drums); Samba Band; Steel Pans

How it works

  • Thirty 45-minute lessons, spread throughout the year, timetabled at a convenient time for your school.
  • A class set of instruments for the length of the programme and a specially trained teacher who provides resources for any follow-up activities.

Benefits for schools

  • Pupils are taught within a normal classroom situation.
  • Performances are planned into the programme, giving parents the opportunities to share in their children's success.
  • Class teachers get 'in house' professional development which augments and supports music provision in school.

Benefits for pupils

  • Pupils develop their musical skills in a creative way, participating in rhythm games and singing and learning to play instruments.
  • Pupils' self-confidence grows as they learn alongside each other and their teachers.
  • The opportunity to continue instrumental tuition after the programme has ended.

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  • 3 terms for 2 − We are offering 3 terms for the price of 2 until Friday 28 April 2017. Booking remains open after this date, but at full price.

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Woodwind: Fife, Flute, Oboe and Clarinet
Brass: Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Baritone and Euphonium
Strings: Violin, Viola and Cello
Strings: Ukulele*
World Percussion: Djembe (African drums); Samba Band; Steel Pans*
*There are only a limited number of ukulele and percussion programmes available.

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