Instrumental and curriculum exams and specifications

Information and advice on instrumental and vocal practical and theory exams, and GCSE, BTEC and A-Level specifications.

There are many opportunities for children to take public exams in Music whether it is on their instrument or as part of their school curriculum. Many pupils who have a keen enthusiasm for music are encouraged by their teachers to take examinations to recognise their progress and achievement in the subject.

Musical examination types

There are three broad categories of music exams:

Pupils who are working hard to make progress on their instrument (or singing) may want a way of recognising their success and reassurance that they are on the right track with their performance and theory skills.
These courses are ideal for anyone interested in music and who has already started to develop practical skills as an instrumentalist or singer, or has a particular interest in the music industry as a career.
Studying Music at this level offers students an opportunity to explore and develop their understanding of the subject in more depth and, in the case of BTEC, to specialise in the areas which most interest them. Music at A-Level combines creativity, performance and academic study.