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Folk 3D

Folk 3D create exciting and innovative Folk Arts programmes with schools and communities. We work with people of all ages and abilities across the UK to connect with local and national culture.

Folk 3D logoWe offer: one off workshops, existing packages of work, live performances and, in partnership, development and delivery of new projects and programmes of work. Folk 3D is an artists' collaborative with skills in dance, music, song, drama, visual arts and crafts, early years, community development, family learning, education and creating enjoyable, quality events.

Through traditional dance, music, song, craft and drama we aim to:

  • connect children, young people and adults with their local and national culture
  • work in partnership with cultural organisations (e.g. libraries, museums, arts centres), Music Hubs, schools, community groups, local authorities and other relevant partners
  • generate opportunities for people in one community and people from different communities to meet, share time, learn and create together
  • offer informal accessible learning opportunities for soft and hard skills
  • offer opportunities to take part in traditional arts and to create new
  • inspire children, young people and adults to play key roles in organising their own activities and activity for others
  • to increase the opportunities for and knowledge of artists
Aspirations through traditional dance, music, song, craft and drama to support individuals and communities are to improve:
  • self-confidence
  • self-esteem
  • community cohesion
  • access to local positive activities
  • aspirations
  • well-being and fitness
  • employment skills
  • access to informal learning
  • access to intergenerational activity and learning

Contact Folk 3D

FacebookFolk-3D,,, Telephone07886 718000