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Key Strings

Key Strings is a live music education experience that brings music and learning to life for school children across the UK.

Key strings logoThrough our entertaining and educational live performances, we introduce children to a wide range of instruments and music from different styles, periods and genres. Using humour and creativity we take children on a musical journey which not only introduces and demonstrates the key elements of the music curriculum, but also offers cross-curricular links from which teachers can build further creative learning opportunities across the curriculum.

The children experience structured live music with an emphasis upon listening, appraising and participating. Providing all children with an exciting opportunity to learn, participate and discover music and instruments they would not normally interact with.

The practical relevance of our performances are enhanced by the many different themed programs which we offer and by the accompanying workbook containing about a terms worth of further cross-curricular work.

Hitting the right educational notes is important to us and many teachers comment upon how relevant and useful the content has been to their classroom work. However, it is the overwhelmingly positive reaction we generate from children of all ages and abilities that really excites staff and parents. Our performances act as a great catalyst for the uptake of instrumental tuition as well as a motivator for academic involvement.

Contact Key Strings

Facebook: KeyStringsMusicEd,, Email:, Telephone01270 883922