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Music Education Hubs East Midlands (MEHEM)

MEHEM is a consortium of Music Education Hubs representing the cities and counties of the East Midlands Area

MEHEM logoMEHEM is a vehicle for closer collaboration between the individual member music education hubs of the East Midlands.

MEHEM exists as a support mechanism for the lead partners of the Music Education Hubs of the East Midlands in the delivery of the promises of the National Plan for Music Education for the children and young people of the East Midlands, by aspiring to assist member organisations to:

  • Provide high quality music education and support for children and young people in the diverse East Midlands community 
  • Inspire all children and young people to sing and play a musical instrument, developing their talent through progressive pathways
  • Promote high achievement through diverse partnerships
  • Transform lives through music
  • Provide opportunities for musical excellence to flourish
  • Reach all sectors of children and young people, including the hard to reach and those in challenging circumstances, inspiring and enriching their lives through music 
  • Reflect the musical diversity of the East Midlands community through engagement with highly skilled partners and experienced partners
  • Build sustainable pathways to nurture musical talent
  • Promote innovation, creativity and achievement in music and the arts

Certificate for Music Educators

MEHEM is offering the Trinity Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators (CME) in the East Midlands. This is a brand new qualification for music educators working with children and young people in the UK, designed to enable music educators to gain recognition for their work while benefiting from opportunities to develop their practice. Find out more by clicking the link below.

The Trinity Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators (CME) is a qualification designed for music educators who work with children and young people. Offered by Music Education Hubs East Midlands (MEHEM).

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