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Tribal Vibes

Tribal Vibes offers the opportunity for children, young people and adults to explore and enjoy the rhythmic world of Djembe drumming

Tribal Vibes logoAll workshops are delivered by Nikki Fenwick, who has 15 years previous experience of working professionally with children, young people and families within Youth Services, Substance Misuse Support Services (for young people under 18) and Education Welfare Services. Nikki created Tribal Vibes in 2008 to offer positive musical experiences, aiming to engage people of all ages that may have barriers to accessing music.

With a focus on social inclusion through encouraging participation, reducing isolation, encouraging positive behaviour, improving mental & physical health and wellbeing and supporting emotional development, Tribal Vibes drumming workshops can have a positive impact on individuals, small groups or whole classes.

Tribal Vibes can offer small group or full class sessions, which can be a 'one-off' or a series of sessions which could, for example, lead to a group performance within the school.

With her professional background rooted in working with young people with additional or complex needs, Nikki's knowledge and experience have led her to focus on providing drumming workshops within behaviour support and pre/post exclusion students. Recently a 5-week program was delivered to a small group within a Pupil Referral Unit, the program was tailor-made to suit the needs of the students, and ended with a performance to showcase what they had learned to their parents at an open day. It is often the most disadvantaged children that benefit the most from musical interventions.

For small groups or for whole class drumming experiences, the students will learn:

  • Basic playing techniques 
    Timing and tempo 
    How to play structured rhythm patterns together 
    Information about different African drums, and what materials they are made of 
    Have the opportunity to explore organic music-making − creating group music

Workshops are tailor-made to suit the needs of the group, and discussion/questions from pupils are encouraged throughout.

You may want to consider djembe drumming in your school for the following:

  • Pre/post exclusion/behaviour support units 
    Targeted cohorts of students/identified groups − mental health and wellbeing, poor attendance, behaviour issues, social isolation, low self-esteem 
    Year 6-7 transition 
    End of school year celebrations 
    Whole class djembe drumming learning activity 
    Enrichment days

There has been a wealth of research that highlights the benefits of drumming, and participation in this activity can have an impact in the following areas:

  • Improving health and wellbeing 
    Encourage teamwork 
    Raise self-esteem 
    Encourages co-operation 
    Encourages self -expression 
    Stress relief 
    Improves coordination 
    And it's fun!

Contact Tribal Vibes,, Telephone 01283 225741