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Working opportunities with the Hub

Find out how you can work with the Hub and its partners in delivering or supporting the delivery of music education in Derbyshire.

There's a wide range of musical activities in Derbyshire City & County which involve the input and involvement of experienced musicians.

We are always developing the delivery of musical programmes, activities and provision of instrumental lessons in all areas of the county, providing working opportunities in the following areas:

Project Leading

The MEHEM consortium (Music Education Hubs East Midlands) are seeking to appoint an outstanding Project Leader for the new Youth Music funded region wide SEND project – UpRising!

Applications close 17th June 2020 Music Education Hubs East Midlands are seeking to appoint an outstanding Project Leader for a new 3-year region-wide SEND project funded by Youth Music

Instrumental and vocal teaching

Virtually all instrumental and vocal teaching in Derby City and Derbyshire County schools is undertaken by self-employed teachers who have, through interview, been accredited by the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership. Once accredited, self-employed instrumental teachers are given the opportunity to create their own timetable of teaching, dependent on demand, whilst being supported by a series of continuing professional development provided by the Music Partnership.

Apply to become an accredited instrumental and vocal tutor with the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership.

Conductors and ensemble directors

Some of the delivery partners of the Hub, most notably the Music Centres, run regular music-making ensembles that require conductors/director. These groups range in size and ability from beginner-level (e.g. Clarinet club, string club etc...) to advanced-level (e.g. Wind Bands and Orchestras etc...) and cover a wide range of musical styles including bands, string groups, chamber ensembles, choirs and jazz groups.

There are no current conducting vacancies at this time.

Wider Opportunities and whole class instrumental teaching

The National Plan for Music Education states that every child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice) through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes. Our Wider Opportunities and Whole Class Ensemble Teaching programmes, delivered in primary schools, are designed to deliver this.

There are no current vacancies for the deliverers of whole-class teaching at this time.

Music support staff

Music support staff are invaluable to the delivery of high quality lessons for our Wider Opportunities and Early Years programmes. With a minimum competence of grade 5 on any instrument, support staff can add that extra musical knowledge in teaching programmes to ensure instruments are tuned and in good working order, assist with classroom management and help with the delivery of musical activities. Support staff can also help out with instrument clean-up and repair − perfect for gap-year students or teachers returning to the profession. 

with the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership

The Singing Support Team

The Singing Support Team, from Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership, deliver specialist vocal programmes and projects to children in Primary and Secondary schools as well as summer school activities and bespoke CPD and training for school teachers. You can read more about these programmes on the Primary Singing Page and Secondary Singing Page. 

There are no current vacancies for the singing support team at this time.

Administration and other support staff

Some of the delivery partners of the Hub have several non-musical roles which range from administration and coordination to support for children with special education needs. These roles are key in supporting the high-quality education our partners deliver on a regular basis across the year.

There are no current vacancies at this time.