Wider Opportunities delivery

Wider Opportunities programmes are delivered by a team of tutors trained within the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership.

The National Plan for Music Education states "Ensure that every child aged 5 − 18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice) through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes". Our wider opportunities programmes are designed to deliver this in year-long programmes, for KS2 classes.

In order to build further delivery capacity some programmes operate with a trainee working alongside the deliverer, taking responsibility for leading an increasing number of activities in the session as the year progresses.

How to apply

In order to help us to decide whether to proceed with an interview, it would be helpful if you could provide us details of your qualifications and experience in this e-form. Once this has been submitted, the Music Partnership will then make a decision as to whether of not to proceed to the next stage of the accreditation process. We will notify you accordingly.

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