Instrumental and vocal teaching in Derbyshire

Apply to become an accredited instrumental and vocal tutor with the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership.
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Virtually all instrumental and vocal teaching in Derbyshire city and county schools is undertaken by instrumental teachers who have, through interview, been accredited by the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership (local authority).

Instrumental teachers are not employed by the local authority and therefore have no contractual obligations to it. Because of the way the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership is structured, we have no set staffing limitation, but where there is demand, as an accredited self-employed instrumental teacher, we are able to give you the opportunity to create a time-table, tailored to your needs.

Currently, the Music Partnership supports over 200 full and part-time instrumental and vocal teachers working with over 10,000 pupils. We invest heavily in continuing professional development, particularly nurturing the teaching skills of those new to the profession.

Applying for accreditation

In the continued drive to raise the standard of instrumental teaching in our schools, we need to ensure a minimum level of competence before proceeding to the accreditation stage.

The need for new tutors varies depending on demand but if you are wanting to teach in Derbyshire we encourage you to start the process by reading the accreditation criteria and protocols and completing the e-form at the bottom of this page.

To begin the accreditation procedure, please complete the pre-accreditation e-form below. Once this form has been submitted, the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership will then make a decision as to whether of not to proceed to the next stage of the accreditation process. We will notify you accordingly. Thank you in advance for your application.

Pre-accreditation application

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