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Auditions for string players

Apply for an audition to be a member of the City & County Youth Orchestra.

We audition string players to become members of the City & County Youth Orchestra (CCYO) throughout the academic year with successful players starting with the orchestra at the following residential course or rehearsal.

Changes to our audition process

Whilst face-to-face auditions are not possible, we will arrange for the submission of video recordings in their place. Prospective players should make applications through our website, which details the requirements for video submissions, but we will contact you to make any further arrangements afterwards.

Before you apply…

Please read the following advice before submitting your applying for an audition:

  • Ability level − Applicants are expected to be of at least grade 6 standard. Where there is higher competition for places, an ability of up to grade 8 may be needed.
  • Availability − Applicants are expected to have good availability for the commitments of CCYO after the audition date and in the future.
  • Reference − We need you to provide us with the contact details of your instrumental teacher so if necessary we may seek confirmation of your readiness to audition.
  • Confirmation − If you are under 18, you will need a parent/guardian to confirm your application before it can be submitted. 

Video submissions

After completing your application you will be asked to upload three separate videos showing:

  • Performance – we would like to hear you perform up to 6 minutes of music that shows your ability
  • Prepared sight reading – we will send a piece of music on the Wednesday 20 May and you will be asked to submit a recording of it within a certain time frame
  • Scales – we would also like to hear two scales of your choice from the list of scales on our requirements page

Please see our submission requirements page for more specific requirements. You will also be given a link to this page after you have submitted your application.

Video submission requirements for CCYO

What's coming up for the City & County Youth Orchestra (CCYO)...

Summer Residential Course 2020  |  Monday 13 – Friday 17 July 2020
Sadly, this event can no longer go ahead

February Residential Course 20201  |  Sunday 21 – Tuesday 23 February 2021
Course and concert details will be updated when confirmed

Submitting your application

Please follow the link below to complete our audition application form and a member of the Ensembles team will be in touch with you.

Submit your application online