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Infant Music at Home (ages 4-7)

Downloadable music activities and resources for children aged 4-7 that can be done at home

Infant-MAH-webMusic is part of the National Curriculum and in most schools children will sing and engage with music weekly. The majority of us will listen to music in our daily lives whether it is on TV, through games or online.

  • All of our activities are accessible to anyone, regardless of musical ability
  • Don't forget to save our pages as a favourite and come back every week for a new set of activities
Rob's Kitchen Music | Songo's Trip to the Jungle | Story: Decibella
Singing: Don't talk... SING! | Story: The Remarkable Farkle McBride
Singing: Just Sing! | Story: Mole Music
Singing: Musical eggs! | Story: Never play music right next to the zoo
Singing: Clickety Clack | Story: The First Music – A Folktale from Africa
I am the Music Man – with Makaton | The Really Awful Musicians
Finding Sounds Challenge | Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
May half term edition Musical Max sing along
The Music in Me | Singing: The Big Ship Sails on the Alley-Alley-oh
Sing and Shake: A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea ,Sea | Listen and respond...
Listening and thinking about music... | Singing: The People Who Help Us
Shake Your Sillies Out! | Explore and Create | It's a Spring Thing...
Outer space and the planets – listening and responding to music
Easter edition Clap Hands! Stamp Feet! – a fun Easter follow-along activity
Easter edition Rainbow instruments
Listening to music | Performing music | Listening to your surroundings | Singing | Make and create