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Junior Music at Home – Week 16

Raise my Voice...  |  Arts Award: Discover at Home

Junior-MAH-webThis is our final week of Music at Home. We hope you have enjoyed using the ideas as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you!

1. Raise my Voice...

Watch the video below from SingUp! It's an upbeat song and a great way to end the term. it even has dance moves for you to learn!  


  • Want to do more with this song?
    There are some great activities that you could work on over the summer holidays that can be found on the SingUp! website
    Go to the SingUp! Website...

2. Arts Award: Discover at Home

ArtsAwardIf you want another summer project have a look at Arts Award’s ‘Discover at Home’. This encourages children aged 11 and under to earn recognition for the creative activities they enjoy. There are lots of suggestions for arts, craft and other activities. It might make a great summer holiday project!


Find out more...
Read more on the Arts Award website or look at the documents attached below