Secondary Music at Home – Week 14

Y7-9 A look at minimalism | Kaboom Percussion: Happy  || Y10-13 How new styles of music are created

Secondary-MAH-webTo start your home-learning we have prepared a set of tasks you can do at home. Jump to your stage of learning:

Years 7-9: A look at minimalism | Kaboom Percussion: Happy 

1. Minimalism: Music for 18 musicians (Reich)

Music for 18 Musicians is a piece of music in the minimalist style by Steve Reich. It's a really vibrant piece of music, fusing classical, pop and world music. The link below takes you to the BBC Ten Pieces website – follow the tasks to listen and explore this piece of music, and to create your own.   

  • Get to the right place...
    The link below will take you to the BBC Ten Pieces at Home website. Scroll down the page until you reach Week Two (about 3/4 the way down the page)
  • Watch the videos...
    Watch the two videos, in order, and if you share your work with the BBC, don't forget to share it with us to! We'd love to see it.
    Go to the BBC Ten Pieces Website


2. More Kaboom Percussion... "Happy"

Kaboom Percussion is back by popular demand! This time we're looking at performing along to Happy (Pharell Williams) with sticks, with a little extra challenge too...

  • Did you miss the first Kaboom Percussion?
    Don't worry! You can find it in Week 10. Have a go at this first to get yourself up to speed!
  • What you need
    You'll need a pair of drumsticks, chopsticks, wooden spoons, or anything else durable enough to hit the floor
  • Solo or duet
    You can do this activity on your own, or you can have a go with a family member or friend
  • Challenge
    Can you come up with an extra pattern to play along with this song?

Years 10-13: How new styles of music are created

The link below will take you to PBS Learning Media. Watch the brief video about how the iconic song – Rapper's Delight – came into being. Do you know of any other styles of music that were created in such a way?

Go to PBS Learning Media...