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Take 5 – issue 2

Take 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week to enjoy some music | Released 15 March 2021

Take-5Re-engage with learning and build confidence with our series of short and sharp activities to encourage working together back in the classroom.

We've prepared a different activity for each day of the week which you can do at a time that suits you.

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Take 5 1

Today you are going to make music with pens or pencils. Play along to the song ‘Friend like me’ from The Jungle Book. Watch this tutorial first.

  • Practise | You will need two pencils, pens or sticks to join in with this activity (unless you have got a class set of drum sticks!).
  • Join in | play along with the performance video. You can also make up your own beat patterns too!


Take 5 2

Lindsey Stirling is an American violinist who visited Kenya and shared her music with people there.

  • Watch | In this video you can see her playing the violin then, halfway through, you will see djembe drums being played and some people dancing.
  • Spot | How many wild animals can you see in the video?
  • Think | Why do you think music makes people in the video happy?

For older children

You can extend this activity by playing by Rhianna. Listen up to 1:50.

  • Discuss | What are the similarities and differences between the two versions?


Take 5 3

Sing your way through the day with 5 very short Routine Songs. Perhaps select one per day to listen to and learn... 

  • Name that tune | Can your class identify which cartoon or television themes have been used? (Scooby Doo; Wallace and Gromit; EastEnders)
  • Follow along | Select "English CC" in the [CC] button in the play bar and the words will show with the song for you to follow as you sing.
  • Write your own words | Can your class write a new verse to make the song their own?
  • Explore further | The final song is taken from 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' by Edvard Grieg. Your pupils might recognise it as the Alton Towers theme music. Explore this exciting piece of music further with BBC 10 Pieces.


Take 5 4

STOMP is a British percussion group that use ordinary objects and the body to create really exciting rhythmic performances. Watch this clip up to 4.21 (when the audience start to applaud).

  • Structure | The piece starts with only one performer on stage. Describe how the other performers join the performance
  • Timbre | Describe the different sounds the performers make with the brooms
  • Explore | Find an item in your pencil case or on your desk. How many different sounds can you make with one item?


Take 5 5

This body percussion activity to "Cant Stop the Feeling" will help to re-energise your class.

  • Actions | Practice the five actions – clap hands, stamp foot, pat your leg, click fingers, and be still on the squiggly sign – this is called a rest or (sh) in music
  • How many? | Each pattern is repeated and comes again later in the song. Can you work out how many different patterns there are?
  • Challenge | can you sing the song and complete all the actions at the same time? Or... you could jiggle along to it moving between left and right-hand sides or freestyle some moves
  • Think | What would it feel like to have ‘sunshine in your pocket’ as it is mentioned in the song lyrics?