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Take 5 – issue 4

Take 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week to enjoy some music | Released 29 March 2021

Take-5The final Take 5 issue in a series of short and sharp collection of activities to encourage working together back in the classroom.

We've prepared a different activity for each day of the week which you can do at a time that suits you.

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Take 5 1

This may stir up some emotions about the pandemic. 

  • Watch and listen | This song inspired by the appearance of rainbows during the first lockdown of the pandemic. The rainbow is a symbol of hope for the future.
  • Create | Watch the film and think about the underlined words in the lyrics below. Could you create a song sheet with drawings of these keywords that would be a reminder of the song lyrics.

Paint me a rainbow, and hang it at your window
And always remember, together we are stronger
Together we are kinder, together we have colours

Friend to a stranger, remembering our neighbour
And then like a rainbow, together we are shining
Shining, shining, shining, like a rainbow we will shine

Though I can’t touch you, I long to see your face again
My heart is in readiness, to clothe you in my love
And then like a rainbow, together we are shining
We are shining, together we are shining

  • Discuss | Talk about our hopes are for when this pandemic is over.


Take 5 2

One Man Band is a Pixar short from 2005. Like many of the Pixar shorts, it has no spoken words and the story is told through the music. 

A street performer plays his instruments in a deserted Italian square. But then a little girl arrives with a big gold coin.  Watch the video to see what happens next.


  • 1 | The first street performer plays wind, brass and percussion instruments. The second street performer plays mainly string instruments. How many of the instruments can you name?
  • 2 | What happens to the tempo (speed) and dynamics (volume) of the music as the street musicians begin to “argue”?
  • 3 | What instrument does the little girl play towards the end of the film?
  • 4 | Why do you think the street performers look so shocked when the little girl plays?


Take 5 3

Simply sing along with Bruno Mars to his well known song, Count on Me.

  • Lyrics | The lyrics appear on-screen as you sign along, karaoke style
  • Discuss | The use of language is very interesting in the first verse. Have a discussion with your class about whether this is literal or non-literal language

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you.

If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you.

  • Think | Can you think of more examples of non-literal language (e.g. Hot dogs / it's raining cats and dogs / I'm tongue-tied) and similes (e.g. as cold as ice / slept like a dog). Try looking in poetry and other song lyrics.


Take 5 4

Now for an all-time classic – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, but sung by a choir of children and young people from Georgia, USA.

  • Set the context | The song Bohemian Rhapsody is a very famous song which was originally sung by the group Queen with lead singer Freddie Mercury | The song was released in 1975 (a very long time ago) and is still considered one of the best pop songs ever written | The choir make a fantastic job of performing with movement and all the time singing in English which is not their first language.
  • Watch | You can choose to watch the whole performance or perhaps just the first 3 minutes
  • Think | What is the best bit about this performance? Were there any moments you didn't like and discuss why not? What would make this performance even better?


Take 5 5

Hurrah, it's the holidays! Here's something you could try at home – I'm Still Standing by Elton John. It’s a great workout for your arms and hands! 

  • You will need | You'll need a plastic cup and a table-top for this
  • Follow the video | Learn the patterns taught on the video and play along. Can you keep a steady beat?

Be creative

  • Create your own patterns | Use anything you can find and create two patterns of your own to play along to the song