Make More Music in Derby

Enhanced instrumental music learning opportunities for primary school pupils in Derby.
Derbyshire Music Education Hub

In November 2014 Derby City Council agreed to significantly enhance instrumental music teaching for Year 4 pupils in 19 Derby City mainstream primary phase schools with a level of free schools meals deprivation of 25% or above.

Make More Music in Derby enters its fourth year in September 2018 enabling each targeted primary phase school to support whole class instrumental teaching for year 4 classes. In addition, Opportunity Area Essential Life Skills funding will also enable the pupils in the targeted schools who experience Make More Music in Derby teaching to progress to small group instrumental teaching at the end of the programme.

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET)

The National Plan for Music Education (November 2011) sets out the requirement for children to receive whole class instrumental ensemble tuition, ideally for a year. The Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership provides year-long Wider Opportunities programmes, as well as shorter WCET programmes to schools in Derby and Derbyshire. For more information, click a topic below.

30-week instrumental programmes of whole class instrumental teaching. Supporting schools to deliver Core Role 1 of the National Plan for Music Education, and contributing to a broad and balanced curriculum
10-week Whole Class Ensemble Teaching projects for KS2 classes. Supporting schools not signed up to Wider Opportunities to deliver Core Role 1 of The National Plan for Music Education.
"The National Plan for Music Education (NPME): The Importance of Music" sets out four core and three extension roles for the delivery of music education in the UK.