Whole Class Ensemble Teaching projects (WCET)

10-week Whole Class Ensemble Teaching projects for KS2 classes. Supporting schools not signed up to Wider Opportunities to deliver Core Role 1 of The National Plan for Music Education.

To support schools not signed up to a Wider Opportunities programme, Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership offer smaller 10-week projects, delivered by specially trained music teachers and classroom teachers, providing a stimulating and creative musical experience for children.

Ensure that every child aged five to 18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice) through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes for ideally a year … of weekly tuition on the same instrument.

Core Role 1 - National Plan for Music Education (NPME): The Importance of Music (November 2011)

We offer the following programmes:


Toots One of our newest programmes − Toots are a perfect starter instrument for Y3 or 4 pupils − easier to blow than a flute, with a choice of mouthpieces, and more accessible for young players. Fun tunes and engaging rhythmic games are used to help develop co-ordination and fine motor skills. Ap erfect springboard to woodwind playing.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments is provided

Rhythm Adventures

Rhythm Adventures Another of our newest programmes − Rhythm Adventures is suitable for all Key Stage 2 pupils. Take your whole class on a Rhythm Adventure using plastic cups and wooden sticks − exploring the foundations of musical learning. The scheme of work includes singing, performing rhythmic patterns, composition and reading musical notation as well as improving teamwork, co-ordination andresiliencethroughgroupwork.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments is provided

Ready 2 Rock

Ready to Rock Have you any budding pop stars in your school? This 10-week programme gives pupils the opportunity to learn to play some of the different instruments used in popular music and to perform well-known songs. It is delivered by a rock and pop specialist and is suitable for pupils in Y5-6.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments including electric and bass guitars, amps, keyboards, ukuleles and microphones. These instruments will be taken away at the end of each session


HandbellsThis is suitable for all KS2 pupils. Well over 100 schools have now been trained to use these materials. Twilight training takes place in different areas of the city and county on an annual basis or at a school's request. Classroom teachers from the school then deliver the 10-week scheme of work and will soon find their class performing songs with the bells along to backing tracks.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments and a scheme of work with backing CD.


Pentaglock This is suitable for Y5 & 6 and is a natural progression from our Handbell project. The project involves singing, rhythm games, composition and learning to play some simple pentatonic tunes.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments is provided, and a scheme of work

Bamboo Tamboo

Bamboo Tamboo This is suitable for Y3 & 4 pupils. It is an authentic Caribbean style of music played on tubes of different colours and pitches. It involves singing, performing and having fun with different rhythm patterns.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments is provided

Junk Percussion

Junk percussion This is suitable for all KS2 pupils. It is a creative approach to music-making using buckets, bins and broomhandles. This STOMP-style project is delivered by one of our percussion teachers and could tie in to other aspects of the curriculum such as recycling.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments is provided

iPad Music-Making

iPad This is suitable for all KS2 pupils. This is a creative project which includes performing, arranging and composing music using GarageBand app on iPads. It also helps the development of ICT across the curriculum.

  • Loan of iPads (enough for one between two) is provided, taken away at the end of each session

pBones Beginner Brass

pBones This is suitable for Y4−6 pupils. This programme is delivered by trombone specialist teachers using pBones − the world's first plastic trombone. This is a perfect springboard for additional lessons on brass instruments after the projec thas finished.

  • Loan of a class set of instruments is provided

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