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Infant Music at Home 17

Story: Mamma Don't Allow  |  Tiddalik the Frog

Infant-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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1. Story: Mamma Don't Allow

Watch this story adventure where Miles and his swamp band play for a group of alligators and join in with the songs if you can!

Teaching notes

  • Discuss | After watching the video ask pupils about things they are not allowed to do, either at home or at school. Discuss reasons why these are items are on “don’t allow” lists.
  • Discuss | Why is it important to practice when learning how to play a musical instrument? You could extend the discussion to include any skill one might be trying to master (e.g., a sport, dancing, reading, drawing, cooking, etc.)
  • Discuss | In the story, no one liked the Swamp Band’s music except the alligators. Talk about why the alligators wanted the band to play at their ball.

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2. Tiddalik the Frog was thirsty...

Learn to sing a song about Tiddalik the Frog. with BBC Teach. This is based on a traditional Aboriginal "dreamtime' story from Australia.

Tiddalik the Frog

Tiddalik is so thirsty that he drinks all the water in the streams, then the rivers and finally the billabongs. The other animals - Kookaburra, Koala, Dingo, Emu and Kangaroo - have no water to drink and don't know what to do. The music activity focuses on copying rhythm patterns and the listening music explores the didgeridoo.

Go to Tiddalik the Frog | BBC Teach

Teaching notes

  • Learn the song | The BBC Teach page gives detailed tutorials and instructions on things to consider when learning the song
  • Keep learning | There are enough resources here for several weeks with the sections of the story. Keeping scrolling down until you reach the teacher’s notes section with lots of ideas for literacy as well as music-making.